This community focuses on helping Christian Business Women go from being stressed, overwhelmed and isolated to being focused, purposeful and in an amazing community helping them be successful in their business, family & health goals.


Connect + Learn + Do = Real Change

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Connect & Grow as the Leader You Are Called To Be

There is nothing worse than knowing you need to see a change in your life, you research all of the information, try to implement it but find that you get overwhelmed from information overload.

(Can I get an "amen"?)

Join our club and go from stressed, overwhelmed, and isolated to being focused, purposeful, and be part of an amazing community that wants to help you be successful in their business, family & health goals.


Growing as a leader = Growing your business


We must be rooted in the firm foundation of God's truth whether it is in our business, our family or personal life. He truth sets us free to be who He created us to be.

The Why

Real change happens personally and in your businesses when we understand our own WHY of wanting to see positive change and growth in your businesses.


Looking at areas in your personal and business lives that you need to grow in your leadership, character, and communication and need to see change is a positive thing in seeking change.


Make a doable plans and goal setting that doesn't overwhelm you, but allows for consistent change to create new long lasting habits. to grow your business and relationships. Learning + Doing = Change

Why I Do What I Do

I love that being a certified John Maxwell Team Leadership in addition my Parent & Family Coaching Certification with over 20+ of ministry leadership experience allows me to help Christian Women in Business to grow their business to reach their goals to allow more impact to the world around them. 

Our marketplace businesses are our mission field.