Fruit Bearing Family

Parent With Purpose 

It's never too late or too early to parent in a way that reflects God's heart.

Connect + Learn + Do = Real Change


5 Step Parenting with Purpose Method of Parenting

There is nothing worse than knowing you need to see a change in your life, you research all of the information, try to implement it but find that you get overwhelmed from information overload.

(Can I get an "amen"?)

Our Fruit Bearing Family 5 Step Parenting with Purpose Strategy is proven throughout scripture to work!  I have patterned it after how Jesus did discipleship. As parents, you are raising adults that you have been entrusted with in your developing years. Steward it well my friend and be blessed by it.


Parenting must be rooted in the firm foundation of God's truth. He truth sets families free to be who He created them to be.

The Why

Real change happens in parenting when you understand your own WHY of wanting to see positive change in your family.


Looking at areas our parenting and family life that are not reflecting God's heart and need to see change is a positive thing. Seek Change.


Make a plan that doesn't overwhelm your family, but allows for consistent change to create new long lasting habits. Learning + Doing = Change

Why I Do What I Do

I love that being a certified parent and family coach allows me to help Christian parents see a change in their families. 

They go from just making it day to day,  to becoming a fruit-bearing family that  reflects God's heart in their homes

Your Next Steps